Thursday, August 27, 2009

One more spotlight

One more spotlight for Logan. The next couple of weeks will most likely include pics of Jacob's first soccer practice this week, first day of school, first soccer game etc so I thought I would include one last spotlight for Logan.
Logan is really confident walking now. He loves that he can follow his brother walking instead of crawling. He loves carrying something in each hand while he toddles around. He is interested in the dishwasher, the cabinets & drawers, the toilet, the fireplace, trying to get out open doors, brother's baseball know all the things that he shouldn't be in to! He is not afraid to let his brother know how he feels about something & even tackled him the other night in the bathtub. He has started the "my heart is broken, fall on the floor temper tantrums." He is also very sweet & will give us big hugs although he is too busy to be the cuddler that his brother was. The last time we were at the ped, he weighed 25 lbs! So all in all, he is a happy, busy, growing boy!

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