Friday, August 28, 2009

1st ever soccer practice

These pictures loaded backwards but these are from Jacob's 1st soccer practice. The kid above is not Jacob but I loved the verse & really like that we are playing for a church league that focuses on using their God given abilities & emphasizes team work.

Logan had a hard time understanding that he had to stay on the sidelines.

I think Inman had as much fun as the kids. He will be the asst' coach this season.

Jacob taking a shot

Pictures before we left the house
He is trying to act so cool but he was SO excited. He told me he had been waiting "his whole life" for his first soccer season!

We had warned Jacob that there would be girls on his team this season. I was a little worried when the first kids to get there just happened to be all girls. I was thinking to myself, "I bet when he has been waiting his whole life, he wasn't imagining a team with all girls!" Thankfully, the next kids to arrive were 3 or 4 more boys!

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