Thursday, August 6, 2009

GBCN girls Summer Get Together

Last week we got together with my college friends & their kids. Every year we get together with all of us in the summer & in the fall/winter with just Mommas (& nursing babies are allowed:)
We love that our kids are friends too! Yes, it sounds a little chaotic but it is a blast! This year we were up to 12 kids ranging from 6 months to 11 years old.

We have to keep mealtime as organized as possible. Boys ate in the sunroom & girls in the kitchen. We had everything ready before we called them in & when we went to the pool everything was in baggies & labeled with their names.

Kids group photo (they are used to this!)
Backrow: Bryson, Graysen holding Morgan, Anna
Front row: Brent, Ethan, Logan, Jacob, Sydney holding Amelia, Miah, Avery

Don't worry Logan, you can go to the boys area soon!

Don't worry these 2 were supervised despite the fact that Logan looks like he is about to turn on the hot water & that they could both fall in at any minute!

This year some were old enough to race

Even the Moms got into the action!

Good thing no one else was at the pool, we took the whole pavilion over!

What do you do with 12 children at dinner time?
Go to Moe's for kids eat free night!

We had so much fun, even a surprise visit from Lori! I am so thankful for these friendships & look forward to many years together!

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