Monday, August 3, 2009

Blue Like Play Dough winner!

I told you that the selection process for the book giveaway would be VERY official! Look as the official makes sure all of the entries are legit.

The selection (he got a kick out of this!)

And the winner is LEIGH BAILEY!
Yea! As I wrote the entries down (ya know, very officially) I would think "oh, I want her to win. Oh, wouldn't it be fun to blog that so & so won..." But I am thrilled that Leigh won!
Leigh is a part of our church family. She is very active in the preschool & children's ministry. She is awesome with the kids & both of my boys love her! Who wouldn't? She treats each of the children as if they were her own!

Leigh, this is a great book & I know you will enjoy the encouragement it offers! You are a great mom!

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Laura McGee said...

Congratulations Leigh!!