Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What are you doing????

What have we been doing??? I had been pretty good at updating until the holiday chaos hit. We have been enjoying the Christmas season like finding houses like the one above (heather w: who says we don't decorate in the south?:), a great Atl tradition riding the pink pig.....

pictures to come from some of our other fun festivities: Christmas parties, preschool Christmas programs, hosting staff parties, throwing a holiday party at the elementary school near our church, more Christmas parties, somewhere in there we need to find a Santa lap to sit in, I hear Momma & Daddy get to go on a Christmas Canteen date this weekend and the fun goes on.
We have also been taking in LIFE around the holidays: viruses, fevers, 5 immunizations for Logan and the after effects, weren't we on a diet before the holidays?, mounds of laundry, wrapping, sending cards & not updating our blog.
Rest assured we are having a great time in ALL of the chaos and we will be posting more pics of most of it!

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