Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Catch Up Part 1

We have had a great Christmas and hence the reason we haven't updated, we have been recovering from all of our festivities! The boys are at very fun ages and make Christmas a lot of fun. I found myself recalling a lot of my own Christmas memories and childhood traditions. Several times I turned to Inman and asked him about his Christmas memories too. Watching kids experience Christmas is so much fun!
One tradition my family had growing up was new Christmas PJs for Christmas Eve night. We have carried that tradition on and the boys had matching PJs. The picture above is them trying out their new Christmas towels that Santa brought.

The irony here is that Jacob was thrilled when I told him part of Christmas morning was getting to eat candy from your stocking. In this picture he is holding one of his favorite stocking stuffer which was a spiderman spin toothbrush! He asked one time, "now?" And then I had to cut him off several pieces later and when he continued over to finish Santa's cookies that were left over. Give him an inch and he will take a mile!

Jacob prepares for santa the night before by making cookies (yes, the ready to bake kind, we were short on time:) and throwing reindeer mix on the lawn that he made at school.

I will post a few more pics of Christmas day. We had a wonderful service on Christmas Eve and had the treat of Daddy singing! We have missed this since he became the senior pastor! We enjoyed getting to share the Christmas story with Jacob over the course of the Christmas season. It has been really special to see him start to process how Jesus came as a little baby.
We were thankful after a couple of weeks of back to back doctor visits, viruses and ear infections that everyone was "well" for Christmas day. At this age drippy noses seem to be par for the course and certainly did not keep Jacob down!
We are thankful for our family, friends and most of all the true Reason for the season!

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