Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

How couldn't this be one of them?

Traditions..so far we have kept up doing the gingerbread thing. Last year a choo-choo, this year a house with aunt Steph (more pics to come, they need their very own post!)

I LOVE kids in Christmas PJs. The ones Logan has on were Jacob's and we have great memories of him in them, including our Christmas card that year.

Getting Christmas card...This is maybe 1/2 of them and it has been so fun to "catch up" with friends and family.
I am soaking in all of these favorite things & more. And yes, I have chosen to do just that & my blogging has put put on the back burner. I can always catch up but am taking it all in. If I don't post in the next couple of days, my prayer is that each of us will absorb the true meaning of the season. Merry Christmas!

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