Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fun weekend

One of the most looked forward to weekends of the year......the GBCN girls weekend. We were only together 24 hours but it was great! One of the girls commented sat night, "we have been sitting here talking for 13 hours!" The big kids stayed at home but the little bitty ones, Logan & his girl Morgan got to come.
We helped Becca celebrate the upcoming arrival of Amelia due in January. Becca has helped us welcome 14 babies!
We missed Lori & Jenn so much but will see you soon:)
I love you girls!

Jacob had his choir program Sunday night. Good thing my friend Amy snapped this pic before the singing. Jacob may be an angel but he took those wings right off!
Our little angel isn't feeling good today but hoping we are on the mend soon to enjoy more Christmas fun!

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