Sunday, July 6, 2008

Last week

Last week Laura came to visit. We have been dying to meet each other's babies! When Laura's first child was born, I was there in the waiting room and visited often after that. When the second one was born, I was there in the first couple of weeks. That was when I was footloose and fancy free with no kids of my own! This time we loved being pregnant at the same time. The only down side was there was no way my dr was going to let me go visit her when Morgan was born in the last weeks of my pregnancy. This past week we got to introduce the two.

Morgan is checking out her future boyfriend:)

A quick  nap.....

Notice there is not much of a size difference!

That is because Logan weighed in @ 3 weeks.....11 lbs & 9 oz! He gained 2 lbs in  2 weeks.

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