Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

The boys in their 4th of July clothes

Jacob has officially mastered the "fake smile" when we have taken too many

We had a great time in downtown Lawrenceville. Jacob is watching a puppet show at our church.

Logan appeared to be the perfect child most of the time and probably made people wonder why in the world I look so tired if he is always this well behaved. He is wearing the 4th of July outfit that Jacob wore when he was 4 months old (and it fit fine!)

We had a great time and enjoyed our first big outing as a foursome. We even stayed for the fireworks and Logan slept through the whole thing!


whittakerwoman said...

That picture of Logan in the car seat looks like you April! H

Betty Lou said...

Heather is right, that pic of Logan does strongly resemble his momma. The 4th pictures are precious.