Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Fun Week

Jacob made and tried his first s'mores. Aunt Steph gave him a s'mores kit and we figured it may be just a little longer before we braved the woods with this crew so we had "at home" s'mores!

Nathan spent the night this week. Jacob had a great time having his first buddy sleep over. We went to kids' night at chic fil a, where they do face painting. Nathan has decided he was too big for face painting but would take a balloon animal. When he was getting his balloon dog made, the clown offered to do a scary snake tattoo. Nathan thought that was a cool idea. We had to be very careful not to let it smear because he really wanted to show his mom the next day!

Logan has really started smiling some. We caught this one in one of the outfits passed on by his big brother. Inman and I had a few favorite outfits and this was one of them.

We have a little night time ritual where one of us hides before Jacob goes to bed. A favorite place is his closet. Some times he will open the closet to find us doing something silly. This week Jacob got a kick out of finding Logan wearing his cowboy hat!

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The Wise Family said...

I love the s'mores on the grill -- we just did that last week! It was a big hit :)