Thursday, July 24, 2008

Girls Reunion

Getting together with my friends from nursing school has become at least a twice a year tradition. We usually get together in the summer with our kids and the winter with just the girls. Sometimes we will be able to get together more but these times have become something we plan way ahead to make happen. This year one of the girls had car trouble on the way and had to turn around. Her husband knew the only solution was to put everyone in the car and drive her there! We love that our kids are growing up knowing each other. Some look at us like we are crazy when we say we will have all those kids under one roof. There is 11 now and more on the way! Some are so jealous and say they wish their friends were able to get together like that. These are friendships that are very special and we each make it a priority. We have been out of school 10 years this year. We have weathered a lot together....weddings, learning about being married, babies, miscarriages, moves, hurricanes, tornadoes, work stress, balancing all of that and we have shared more laughs & good times than we could count! We put those kids to bed and talk about a lot and nothing at all. Just like the good ol' days there is always good food involved! We all love pictures so there were a lot taken, these are just a few!

Jacob adores Graysen and Graysen does a great job letting him shadow his every move!

This was how we found the boys after they fell asleep.

Logan & his girl, Morgan

Made in the shade @ the pool

Thanks to Leslie, we even had art projects this year!

Becca has had lots of years to "practice" on our kids and we are thrilled that in January of next year, she will add to our crew! Congrats Becca & Scott!

Like times past, we shared EVERY thing this time! We departed to only hours later have a little stomach bug make the rounds on a few of the kiddos. Besides that and a brief wasp attack, we had a great time. I am so thankful for my girls!

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