Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Patrick's Day

Not St Patrick's Day but a cute before church picture on Sunday

Jacob got a kick out of the Leprechaun (sp?) milk. He drank a few sips and said, "Momma, this tastes just like my white milk!"

Even better with shamrock cookies!

We were stuck at home yesterday because of Inman's car being in the shop but it was St Patrick's day anyway! We were in green, had green snacks and Jacob had his first corned beef St Patty's dinner. He ate all of the beef, carrots and cabbage!

A couple of funny Jacobisms for the last couple of days:

When eating mashed potatoes with our St Patty's meal, he said he liked the sweet potatoes better than these and asked, "so tomorrow could it be orange day?"

We have been going over a few Bible stories in Jacob's new Bible for toddlers. He calls Moses, "Mosef" and Joseph "Jovis." For some reason everytime we turn to the picture of Adam & Eve in the garden, he insists Adam's name is "Mack."

Last night Jacob said he glad Momma and Daddy and God kept him safe. He said, "I have got to go see God, I haven't seen him in weeks!"

I know there are more but those really got me tickled! I will have to refer to the blog entries when I sit down and write these down in his journal!

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