Friday, March 14, 2008

26 weeks

What a big guy! Jacob has been at his new school for 2 weeks (he goes on Tuesday and Thursdays). We have already had "farmer day" "green day" and are signed up for a trike a thon. We have been very pleased and he seems to really enjoy his new school and teachers.
Momma @ 26 weeks
Jacob has enjoyed talking to Logan.

These pictures are especially for my cousin Liann. I told you I was bigger than you! (she is several weeks ahead of me)


Anonymous said...

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Not true! You look GREAT! I am so excited for you guys. We love these little boys! I love the name Logan too. Do you have a middle name? I don't know if you knew that we are naming ours Andrew Christian. As of right now he is being induced on April 21. We are on the countdown. I hope that you guys are enjoying being back home. I look at your pics and I get homesick. You look awesome!