Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A day with the Platts and lots of fish

Friday we had a great treat. We were able to spend time with David, Heather, Caleb and Joshua at the Atl aquarium.
It was an extra special day because it was the one year anniversary of Caleb's gotcha day, the day he was officially David and Heather's. We were thrilled to share in this milestone with them. What a year!

Caleb never ended up in the water but loved the touch pools!

Yes, I was there. I am just usually behind the camera. Joshua was also there but was busy being an angel baby and slept the entire time! I will never believe Heather again if she says he is fussy:)

Otherwise, we are doing well and getting a little more settled. This is the 5th time I have tried to post on the blog. We have had LOTS of internet and cable set backs. We finally have cable after 2 weeks! And hopefully our internet woes are almost over. A doctor's appt yesterday brought the news that Logan is head down, which is the direction we want him just not the direction he was facing even a few days ago. Now, if he will just stay put! Jacob is getting more and more curious about his brother and includes him in lots of his conversations. Today he asked when would we get him a carseat. I am glad he is so practical and safety conscious:)

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