Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jacob's 3rd b-day

Jacob's 1st breakfast in bed on his 3rd b-day

Someone asked "Do you want a picture of Jacob by himself in front of his cake?" No, we have been waiting to be with our cousins! Check out Nathan with his arm around Jacob!

This is Jacob just after he almost ran over his Great Grandmother with his new car. Too bad the video didn't show how funny it was (since everyone was OK) and we could have won $$$ for his college education on America's funniest video!

Jacob chose pizza for his b-day lunch. Good, I know he is not scarred by how much pizza he has had in the last 2 weeks when I was cooking very little!

Lots has happened since we arrived. Moving, unpacking, meeting, greeting, lots of help, when we have stopped long enough we have missed N.O, at the same time loved our new area...lots but most importantly....we celebrated a 3rd birthday! I was determined that Jacob's birthday would go on, boxes and all. During Jacob's first b-day were we returning to New Orleans, Inman had been living in N.O and we were still living in Atl, on his 2nd b-day we had just had a miscarriage and D & C, Inman had been in Turkey. 3rd b-day we have just moved in, new house, new room, new church, new school. We really tried to put a lot of emphasize on his day instead of everything else around us. Lots of family help and the house was somewhat settled. We had a great crowd on Saturday to celebrate his big day.
He woke up on Sat am (early) and said, "Is it March 1st yet?" He knew the day was all about him! I know I am just like any other Momma but I am so thankful that the Lord is allowing me the honor of raising this little man!

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