Saturday, July 2, 2011

Going to the chapel

I had to back up & capture Jacob's debut in a wedding. Karen & Anthony are a sweet couple from our church & asked Jacob to help them celebrate their big day!
(pics are backwards, this is what you get when you blog with a bebe in your lap)

Jacob had been talking for days about getting on the dance floor & he did but was pretty shy once he finally got there!

He loved the cake & other desserts!

Jacob & Karen, the beautiful bride

Oh my word, this cake was unbelievable! Can you believe I "behaved" and did not even taste it!?

Back at the church...Daddy & Jacob after the wedding

Jacob during the wedding, he did great! Anyone who knows Jacob knows he took this job very seriously. I knew he would behave and stand still etc. I did get a little nervous right before the wedding, I mean this is someone's wedding! From all of the activities that weekend, I knew Jacob would be tired but he did awesome!

A rare occasion, someone snapped a pic of Momma and Jacob right before the wedding!

Hayden & Jacob
Hayden is our youth minister's oldest daughter. We thought it was so cute they would be in the wedding together. Hayden did not disappoint, she was precious!

Look how handsome, I think the tux made him look about 5 yrs older:)
Congrats Karen & Anthony!

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