Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring break part 2

Spring break fun continues.....
Happy birthday Momma!
Yes, I will tear up on my babies' birthdays, not able to believe they are another year older but I hope to never complain about my own years adding up! I am thankful for another year so..... bring it! This was #35!

Again, Logan is not much for smiling at the camera so I even had to crop this one to catch this sweet smile. On my birthday we went and had lunch at a local airport restaurant so the boys could watch planes. Have I turned into a "boy" mom or what?!

Mom & Dad aka Mema & Papa

Our sweet neighbors Ben & Helon brought us an ice cream pie

The next day we headed to a friend's lake house.
We kept Micah out of the sun and the big boys had a blast!

Logan's first time fishing

Luke & Jacob had so much fun together

Our "staycation" spring break was a great week and even a little strep throat at the end of the week didn't ruin it:)

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