Saturday, February 27, 2010

20 things about our 20 month old

Logan is now 20 months old! I thought I would do a post just about him since the attention is about to switch to our almost 5 year old!

Here are 20 things about Logan at this age in no particular order:
1) Logan is a busy boy!

2) He hits the ground running in the morning. Only very rarely do we get that early morning cuddle. He gets out of his bed & is already to go!

3) Logan loves to play outside!

4) He loves his big brother who he calls "Bro Bro." He cries when we drop him off at preschool & asks for him off & on all day.

5) He cut 4 teeth just this week!

6) Logan's favorite breakfast foods are oatmeal, pancakes or french toast (& his brother just introduced him to syrup), cheese toast, fruit, yogurt, scrambled eggs & a poptart when Momma lets those slip into the buggy.

7) Logan's favorite toys are balls, cars, his little grill & food, his buggy & fridge magnets.

8) Logan just discovered crayons & has to be watched very carefully!

9) Logan wants to do whatever his big brother is doing.

10) Logan presently has a black eye (his first) after falling while climbing onto a kitchen chair.

11) Speaking of, Logan has turned into quite the climber. He has learned how to get on the sofa, into the rocker in his room & will move an object over to climb onto whatever he wants to tackle.

12) Logan likes the veggies: broccoli, sweet potatoes, collard greens, mashed potatoes, corn, cooked carrots and I am sure there are a few others. He does not like green peas, lima beans, or okra.

13) His favorite fruits are bananas, apples sliced very thin or cooked, grapes, pears, cantaloupe and loved watermelon last summer. He does not like mandarin oranges, & is picky about peaches.

14) The words he is saying: bye bye, night night, bro bro, momma, daddy, on, off, up, cup, water (wa wa), uh oh, ball, bible, hat, outside. Many words we can understand but others wouldn't be able to: bird, spoon, wipe, light, door, milk, sock....He is starting to mimic more words we say every day.

15) When we go outside he asks for his hood to be pulled up & says "hat."

16) He takes his right shoe off any chance he gets. Many days he is walking around with only his left shoe on.

17) He loves getting Jacob's lunch box or a book bag & pretends like he is leaving to go to school. He waves bye bye & wants to give out kisses.

18) Logan loves to brush his teeth.

19) He does not mind blowing his nose & will often ask for a tissue. When he will no longer blow his nose that means he has an ear infection (that was true this past week as well as the last 3 or 4 ear infections)

20) This boy is into everything but a true JOY! He is quite the character & adds so much to our lives!

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