Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Jacob turned 5 on March 1st! It seems impossible that he should be 5 already! In many ways, it seems like we were just walking down St Anthony in the early phases of labor. In many other ways, it seems like so much has happened in 5 years.
We celebrated with both a friend party & family party. Between his preschool and church friends, there were a lot of kids so we went with Jacob's request & had a party in the church gym. It was a pretty day (a little cool with the wind, March 1st will always be a wild card weather wise!) & we got to play on the new church playground.

Ryan, Jacob & Hunter (the 3 amigos in Jacob's class @ school)

The kids enjoyed decorating their own cupcakes

Lots of fun characters & super heroes

Logan loved playing with the big kids. He took a plunge off the playground equipment but thankfully Daddy caught him by his cape:)

Next I will update with the rest of the birthday festivities. Inman teases that our family motto includes celebrating birthdays for at least a week!

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