Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christmas 2009 in pictures

I am so behind posting pictures that I almost didn't post Christmas. BUT, my plan is to bind the blog for a journal through one of the companies that makes your blog into a book. If I didn't post Christmas '09, we would be missing that in our book! So better late than never & this post will be mostly pics & a lot less captions than if I was doing it on time!

The boys' matching shirts, a favorite this season!

Troy & Steph show up in their "tacky sweaters" & I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle! This is not what they would normally wear at all!

Papa & Logan

Mema & Logan

A lot of my Christmas season was trying to get pictures of the boys!
Logan is wearing the outfit that was Jacob's at this age. He was more interested in putting his hand in Jacob's pocket, & the tongue out of the mouth was his favorite pose this Christmas season!

Christmas Baking

Once again, trying for a good pic

Making a gingerbread train with Grandma Lois

Christmas Eve night, lots of energy following a great Christmas Eve service & waffle house with friends & family

Christmas morning & looking at what Santa brought

Christmas Day with the Houstons

Granddaddy & Grandmomma
Christmas day night @ Becky & Marshall's

Audrey & Brandon (got engaged about 48 hours after this picture!)

We were so excited Gordon, Chisa & Koyo were in Atlanta for Koyo's first Christmas. Grandmomma & Granddaddy had 3 of their great-grandchildren with them in Christmas.

Trying out the new bike

Christmas '09 was a great one even if I am late posting! The boys are at very fun (BUSY!) ages & seeing Christmas through their eyes is always so much fun! We are thankful for all of the memories we have celebrating our Savior's birth!

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