Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Logan finally gets to cook!

Logan was so excited the other day that he got to help in the kitchen. I have had Jacob in the kitchen with me for a long time. Since it was just him, he was very easy to have as my little helper. Often times now, we will save that activity for when Logan is asleep or I will hold him or Logan will just play at our feet or who am I kidding? He will cry the whole time I am trying to have that time with Jacob. Jacob loves helping in the kitchen.
The other day when it was time to make homemade muffins, Jacob got on his stool & Logan disappeared for a second. He soon rounded the corner with another stool, parked it at the counter & climbed up. This was his face when he grabbed the measuring spoon & turned to look at me. He was thrilled to be at the counter with brother, ready to help!

Jacob keeping his hands out of the bowl

Jacob was a little unsure about sharing his activity & who wouldn't be concerned about a toddler with his hands in the bowl, we have talked a lot about germs around here after all!?
All in all, Jacob enjoyed cooking with his brother & the muffins turned out pretty good too!

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Sarah said...

oh my goodness -- that second picture is my favorite! those chubby little thighs on the counter ready to cook!!