Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Friday night we carved our pumpkin. Much different from last year since Logan was in a bouncey seat last year!

The boys digging in

Jacob actually enjoyed getting a little messy this time, last year: not so much!

Since Logan was ALL over the place like usual, he stepped into some pumpkin seeds & was border line hysterical about that!

Saturday we had a full, fun day!
We had our friends over for some soup before trick or treating. Jacob & Noah, I mean superman & the pilot getting ready to hit the streets

The ONLY picture of Jacob & Logan together (below)
Between the two of them, running out before it started raining again, meeting up with neighbors, leaving together but knowing one of us would be home with Logan within a few minutes, I only took 24 pictures. For anyone who has followed this blog for any time knows that 24 pictures of ANY event is NOTHING!

Lucas is the other child of our friends Jon & Carrie

Logan may have not understood the whole thing but he knew something fun was going on!

This is Jacob's face when we totally busted him. He didn't want to let Logan touch his candy but he wanted to empty out Logan's candy & inspect it (yes, it will go to him anyway but it was just the point!)
The babies watching other trick or treaters leave. They couldn't figure out why people kept coming to the door & we gave them something everytime!

A fun time! It is so fun to watch the kids from year to year. This was the first year that Jacob was pretty much the oldest in the crew. It was cute to watch him be the ringleader!
In the pictures where we are carving the pumpkin, that is the same shirt that Jacob wore when he was 19 months old. The fireman costume was the outfit Jacob wore for his 2nd b-day which was a firefighter party. They have both grown so much since last year! It was so special to watch things through their eyes. It certainly didn't hurt that GA Tech ended the night on such a positive note!
Happy fall! Hope everyone got to take advantage of their "extra" hour of sleep, what a great night for that!

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