Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras

What a treat! On Monday we got to keep the Platt boys. While these guys were napping, we celebrated Mardi Gras (Platt-Houston in Lawrenceville style)

The boys got to catch cups, animals & beads

They yelled, "throw me something mister!"

They marched to zydeco music in the den!

Isn't it funny that the boys wanted to put their costumes on?! Their idea & since Jacob was very sick last Mardi Gras and missed all the festivities, I know he doesn't remember mardi gras & that some people dress up! You can take the boy out of NOLA but not the NOLA out of the boy!
(This is Jacob's 2nd parade this week. His preschool teacher is from NOLA & brought king cake & they had a parade at school...too cool & just what we needed as we missed all the fun this year!)

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