Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Momma and Jacob learn a lesson

Jacob has had salmon many times. Tonight I said, "finish your fish." Big mistake!

He didn't realize the above was.....

Note: to other rookie moms, don't serve fish the week your kid gets a fish! I could see the wheels turning and saw where this was going. How do you explain to a 3 yr old that our dinner is not the same as "Shawny?"
I tried to summarize how there are fisherman and they catch big fish (without directly mentioning our fish) and they are delivered to the store. Jacob finally very calmly said, "I just can't believe you did this. You bought the fish from the man and just cut him all up."
Yeah, big mistake!

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The Wise Family said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! I hope Jacob is enjoying his first pet and that you haven't traumatized him for life :)