Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A day in the life.....

Not really sure why but Blogger keeps making me type first only then post pics so scroll down for what we've been up to.

We have had a good first week of school. Jacob loves his new teachers. He did tell me today (out of the blue) "School is fine. Sometimes it gets long because I missed you." I will try to remember that after the fit he threw about taking a nap:) He did his first homework assignment: to decorate his fish (he is in the fish class) with some of his favorite things. Spider man, fruit snacks, football, basket ball and Logan made the list!

We were scheduled to go to NOLA last weekend but with everything going on we decided to wait. We figured why put more demands on an already pretty stressful situation. Something about heavy traffic getting there, limited sewage, limited stores and restaurants open made a trip with a 3 yr old and 12 week old less and less appealing. The good news is that our house is OK! We were very sad to not get to be with our friends but look forward to getting down there soon. We are thankful that gustav was not as bad as once predicted but know even what is was took a major toll on everyone there.

We decided not to waste the day of vacation and made a last minute trip to B'ham. We had a great time with the Platts and getting to attend the Church of Brook Hills where David pastors. For a great message, look on the church's website and listen to Sunday's sermon. I doubt Brook Hills will ever be the same!

Logan is trying out his bumbo chair in the picture above. He loves watching what is going on around him. If it is an ordinary day, Jacob gives him plenty to watch! 

Random pic of Jacob "working." Nothing else eventful going on, sometimes that is nice!

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Dayle said...

Oh my goodness are those boys cute! I love the picture of Logan in the bumbo chair!

Jeanette and I are going to be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. It would be great to see you if you will be around.