Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big brother, Little brother

Last weekend we tried on Jacob and Logan's brother shirts. Jacob has been sporting his big brother shirt all summer but Logan's little brother shirt was 6 months. We knew he wouldn't need that long but good thing we put it on! Any longer and he would have missed it!

This picture shows 2 new things....lots of drool and therefore the need for a bib and "look Mom I have hands!" Logan has discovered his hands. We used to always laugh because Jacob would wring his hands like he was thinking or worried. Logan holds his out in front just amazed by them!
Hurry and put the outfit on the baby before he outgrows it is the name of the game! Logan wore this outfit to church on Sunday and I had to tell the nursery volunteers that they could take it off if it got too tight on his chubby legs!

Jacob is still enjoying school. At the end of the day he comes through the door to where the moms are waiting. He drops his stuff right on the ground so he can open his backpack up right there and show me. He is given the option of being dropped off or walked in. The first couple of days he said he would want to be dropped off. I gulped and smiled and said sure. That meant he would get to his class on his own. Obviously the teachers would help a wandering kid but I wondered if he knew which class was his. He is at church other times (a lot) and I knew he would get confused to which room was for what for the first couple of weeks. He had NO clue what room to go to when I suggested he walk us to the right room. That afternoon he said he didn't think he was ready to be dropped off ONLY because he didn't want to change which side of the car his carseat was on. I will drop him off whenever he is ready but for now I will enjoy walking him in and we have to hold hands because we are in the parking lot:) Even carrying in Logan's heavy infant carseat every day, I will love it!

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The O'Dells said...

Your boys are too cute! Hope all is well with your sweet family!