Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Jacobisms.....

Jacob got his face painted last night at kids night compliments of Chic-fil-a.
I am trying to write down some of these funny things that come out of his mouth. Of course, to capture it all, I would need to have a tape recorder on at all times!
While at a Sunday school party this past weekend, Jacob was sitting at the kitchen bar overlooking where the food was being served. He (in a very loud voice) points to a man coming through the line, "Now THAT man we DO NOT know!"

Jacob "reads" along with some of his routine nighttime books. Many of the books we will start a sentence and he will finish it. Inman started this routine the other night just for Jacob to say, "Sorry Daddy my mouth says it is too tired."

We must already be raising a pro-lifer....when talking about Logan the other day, I mentioned "when Logan was born..." Jacob stopped me very abruptly and insists, "Momma, he is already born. He is in your tummy!"

My favorite of the week so far: Jacob was turning my wedding rings around on my finger. He asked "where did you get these rings?" I told him "this one daddy gave me and asked me to marry him and this one daddy gave me the day we got married and he told me that he would love me forever and forever. One day when you are grown up, you may give a girl a ring and tell her you will love her forever and forever." He said, "No, Momma I will just buy YOU a ring to match this one."

That last one was good timing on his part, he had thrown a major fit that morning and Momma was already tired at 9 am:)

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