Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big Boy Bed

When we moved we figured we needed to give Jacob a couple of weeks to adjust to everything else in his life. We left him in his "toddler bed" which was his crib minus one rail. The last week or so I have been a little panicked about how we needed to get the nursery ready and finish Jacob's room and get the nursery ready. Inman has been really busy with everything so there was only so much I could do without his help. This weekend we went and bought the twin bed and I somehow got the nice men at the furniture store to fit it in our minivan yesterday. When Inman got home, I expected since it was a little late for it to be brought in the house and we would set it up later. Next thing I knew, the twin bed was set up. Yes, I had wanted this done but yesterday when I got Jacob out of his bed after his nap I didn't realize that was his last time in his crib! Probably a good thing:) He loved it and even waited for me to come and get him this morning! We were worried about that next phase where they can get up anytime they want! Hopefully him waiting on me will last a little longer!

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