Thursday, April 3, 2008


No pictures today but just some funny Jacob quotes from the last few days. I am behind in Jacob's journal I keep for him. I am still writing about last fall so I will jot these down and come back to them later. Maybe you will chuckle like I did:)

We were about to read books, Jacob was already on the sofa. "Momma, I moved over this stuff because you have a really big bottom."

Yesterday morning I was startled by Jacob screaming at the top of the stairs, "Momma there is a big red chicken up here." Of course, I am thinking, "what in the world is in the house?" Only to round the corner and see Jacob pointing to a red cardinal on the FRONT PORCH.

Last night at Wed night supper at church, we are seating with some elder members of our church and Jacob says, (and points) "Why has all of that daddy's hair fallen out?" Luckily because of the company we were with, the comment was not heard!

Of course, there are so many that I can't even keep up. I just get a kick out of this little guy!

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