Friday, February 22, 2008

Moving day

This is how we started our moving day. And it wasn't just a little rain. It had rained all night and our street was flooding! This is looking out of front door. We were beginning to think that the movers would delay a day but they pulled up and started on inside work. When it let up they were literally running trips to the truck.

Breakfast pancake picnic

Jacob has done pretty well, he definitely senses he has a lot of changes going on. He is very interested in where we are at all times.

Jacob's best bud, Luke and his little sis come by for a last lunch picnic. We will miss them so much!

What little boy would not love the truck? We showed Jacob how all of his things were going on the big truck to our new house.

We are in Mobile. We wanted to get a little time under our belt. The rain delayed our progress just a bit and the movers will pick up Inman's office today. More later......just wanted to try and stay on top of my updating!


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