Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More goodbyes

Several friends that I worked with before the storm (and some I still work with at Touro) gathered on Sunday for a early shower and send off.

My great friend, Jeanine hosted the get together on Sunday. She is otherwise known as "Luke's mom."

MOPS steering team

My last MOPS meeting was on Monday. Ironically, I was on the steering team that started working last fall to start a Mothers of Preschoolers group at our church. We have actually only had a few meetings. I sure will miss these ladies on the steering team and new friends I made over the last few months!

So Jacob's funny quotes for the last few days involve asking how that baby will get out of my tummy. I danced around for a couple of minutes, offered that the baby would grow and grow and then we would go to the doctor and get the baby out. He said (as if I did not hear him and very slowly and well pronounced), "I said, HOW WILL THAT BABY GET OUT OF YOUR TUMMY?"
I said, "Well when he grows more and more very day, we will go to the doctor...." starting again to make it simple but fearful of what he would repeat. He then said, "He will just grow and grow and then SWISH out."

Yeah, that is how I remember Jacob entering the world, 36 hours and then SWISH there he was:)

More of his funny quotes later, once again the evening got away from me!

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