Saturday, September 8, 2012

Year in Review & getting back to the blog

What does one do when they have not blogged in an entire year???? Do a very condensed recap. It may seem lots a ton of pictures but squeezing in a whole year is tough! Our 3 boys have grown so fast & we have enjoyed all of their milestones and activities. I did brief descriptions of most pics or groups of pics below. 
One of the reasons I got behind blogging is just life was busy, busy! I did want to pick it back up to journal for our family. We also want to keep everyone updated on our next journey. Many of our friends and family know of our burden for adoption. We were even researching agencies when we had the sweet little surprise of Micah's pending arrival!
The Lord only increased that burden as we welcomed Micah and although life became even busier, we knew He still intended for our family to adopt. We started the paperwork at the beginning of the year and were able to turn in our dossier (collection of lots of paperwork, official documents, and lots of education) this summer. Our dossier arrived in Ethiopia August 6th and that is when we considered officially on the waiting list for our child. I will be using the blog to stay more up to date hopefully on the Houston happenings and keep everyone updated about our adoption.
The next few posts may be more details about the adoption (why we chose Ethiopia, age range of our little one etc)
Thanks for picking back up with our family's journey! And tolerating the many pics below!
Back to school pics 2012 are on the sidebar

Fall 2011
Jacob's first season playing baseball!

Micah fall 2011, growing fast

On his first hayride, Jaemor farms 


Fun trick or treating with our friends

Micah turns one!

Thanksgiving 2011
(so hard to get a picture of 3 at one time!)

Christmas 2011


The summer birthdays in Logan's preschool class all celebrated on one day together

 Jacob's 7th birthday
He was sick on the actual day but we celebrated a few days later

Jacob loses his top 2 teeth

Logan and Micah (outfits also worn by Jacob and Logan at similar ages:)

Jacob played basketball this season

Zoo trip during spring break

One of our transcultural exercises for our adoption education we choose to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant

Dying Easter eggs with friends

Easter morning 2012

Logan's end of preschool year, with Mrs Elina

Strawberry Picking 2012

Logan's 4th birthday. He shares a birthday with his friend Bella who turned 5. She had her birthday the day before, it was so sweet for her to come to Logan's party. We sang to both of them.

After months of paperwork and education, we mail off our dossier!

GBCN girls get together

 Beach Trip 2012
Houston Family

 LFBC ladies mission trip to Haiti
(the best pics are the ones with the sweet children but we can't publish those on FB or a blog)

Extra special gift getting to serve with my sister, Stephanie

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