Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We interrupt this Christmas recap for SNOW day

We are snowed in! I still need to post Christmas but had to post these snow pics.
This is quite a bit of snow for the south!

No garbage pick up anytime soon!

Daddy shows the boys how sledding is done
Logan had a hard time trying to figure out how to walk in the snow at first

We were trying to figure out what kind of critter these paw prints belonged to

About 5 or 6 inches

snowdrift in neighbor's yard
If there was any uncertainty....it is for sure.....3 days in the house has confirmed what we knew....Micah has colic....he has spent a lot of the time doing this........
We are very thankful though, we have power, we are healthy and have had some family time &
we even have deer in the backyard!
And every once and a while he stops crying and smiles!


Betty Lou said...

Sweet picture of the biggest bro, Jacob, holding the sweet baby bro. Praying Micah's colic goes away soon. We kept the Mylacon (sp?) handy for 3 mos back in 1992.

Laura McGee said...

These pictures are beautiful. I haven't been able to see your house and it looks beautiful. Hope you guys enjoyed the snow. So sorry to hear about Micah and the colic. (I know it can be really tough). Hang in there! Have you heard of the new things they have out to lay across their stomach to help with the colic (kind of like a heating pad)? We never had it for Ava because I found it as she was getting better. I found it through OneStepAhead. Hope you guys are able to get out soon!