Saturday, January 29, 2011

Christmas recap part 1

Well, it is only a month after Christmas and I haven't posted Christmas pictures! You would think that after being snowed in for a week I would be all caught up, NOT!
I will post part one of Christmas and just saw that the pics are all backwards but that is OK just follow along our crazy life!

I was so thrilled that on the way out of the door to the Christmas Eve service I caught a picture of the boys!
A couple of days before Christmas we usually get together with my parents (Mema & Papa) and my sister (Aunt Steph) & Troy
Here is Aunt Steph and Troy seeing how much fun it can be with 3 kids!
Mema & Papa and the boys

Micah in his Santa suit
Logan likes to "hold" Micah

Go back a week or two and we did our annual ginger bread house

Just as we got everything out, Micah decided it was feeding time so Daddy got to jump in. He didn't realize how much fun that icing can be and how many times 2 little boys can ask if they can eat the candy yet:)

Getting Christmas presents ready presented to be a bit of a challenge since Micah wanted to be held ALL the time. Jacob stepped in one morning and I actually got 2 presents wrapped!

Even having a newborn during Christmas time couldn't slow life down so Micah found himself like this a lot, On the go!

Meeting Grandmother Bailey

Jacob and his teacher, Mrs Heslep. His kindergarten holiday program was SO cute. He was a present:)
Playing bingo at his class party. Mema kept Micah so I could go do Jacob's holiday party. He was 2 1/2 weeks old, I was probably a zombie!

Once again, go back to the beginning of December and this is the outfit that Micah wore when we went to get our Christmas tree. He was 8 days old! Don't worry, he was outside about 10 seconds and totally covered the whole time!

Jacob and Logan loved helping Daddy pick out the tree. Logan's favorite part was wearing "work gloves."
Both of the little ones are waking up from their naps so I will finish Christmas recap soon and it is hard to believe that Micah is already 2 months old!

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Jon & Anna said...

Hey! You are so famous - saw your shout out at babeofmyheart! Hope you guys are doing well. Jon and I leave this Saturday to meet Eli Tariku! Keep us in your prayers.