Friday, October 16, 2009

The rest of the weekend

Better late than never finishing the fun weekend update....
After the aquarium we walked through Centennial park & let the kids play on the playground & run around.

We felt like the Hopkins should be introduced to the Varsity while they were in Atlanta.
It was a hit! From onion rings to the frosted orange, there was something for everybody!

Logan learned a very important life skill while we were there, his first time to dip french fries into ketchup:)

The next morning Inman & I began our day with 4 kids. Robert & Jeanine were off to UGA so we started the day with Jacob's soccer game.

He played goalie for the first time & loved having his buddies there.

It was the most gorgeous fall day so we headed to the park for playing & a picnic.

We didn't know they were having an event for a local group so there were kids everywhere! Keeping up with 4 kids was quite a challenge even with the 2 adults. We played for a while but then had our picnic & Inman played football with the kids so we could keep the kids all in one place!

After some rest time (for all of us:), we played outside some more, had a little dinner then headed to Rita's for Italian ice. Kind of like a snowball to these NOLA kids. Here is the car full singing & making their favorite animal noises very loud!

The next morning we headed to church all together & had pizza afterwards. The Hopkins wore their LSU colors after a great game. They were in the minority at our very heavily UGA populated church but were proud to call themselves LSU tigers. The kids even knew the folks in red were "tiger bait!"

A few more pics before they get the car for a long ride home.

We laughed so hard when Inman was acting like he was the paparazi!

We had such a great time & are so thankful for our friends! Thanks Robert & Jeanine for making the trip!

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Sarah said...

Y'all seem to handle four kids well! Time for another baby :)