Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fun weekend

We had a great weekend! Our friends Jeanine, Robert, & the kids come for the LSU/UGA game!
I really miss Jeanine! Jeanine & I were pregnant @ the same time with Jacob & Luke. Luke was born the December just before Jacob. We spent a lot of time playing together @ the park & walking thru the NOLA zoo when the boys were little.
We had worked together before Katrina & have a lot in common.
On Friday we took the kids to the Georgia Aquarium while Inman & Robert were working.
(the pictures posted backwards)

Here you see the torture part of the trip.
Why at these places do they always make you walk thru the giftshop before you leave?!
This is why Jeanine & I get along so well....we looked @ each other no words needed, our eyes said it all, "move quickly, no stopping, we have spent enough money!"

Marguerite was not as sure about the large turtle as Logan was!

Our 4 little monkeys

We had to make frequent stops at the handwashing stations particularly since I caught Logan putting his hand in the shrimp water & putting it straight into his mouth! What disease can you catch from shrimp?

Marguerite was not sure about the touch pool

We tried to snap pics of moms with kids since many trips go by & that doesn't happen!

The older kids liked the moving sidewalk in the tunnel

We had so much fun! Next I will post pics from Saturday & Sunday. It was also the best weather weekend I can remember!

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