Saturday, September 12, 2009

1st soccer game

Jacob has been looking forward to his first soccer game for WEEKS! He was so excited that this day was finally here. All week people have been asking him how his first week of school has gone & he would say, "fine & I have my first soccer game on Saturday!"

Last minute pointers from Coach including a reminder about which direction to go

A water break & minute with Daddy
We forgot to tell Jacob that they would take "turns" sitting on the bench. He would have played the whole time if they had let him!

All of Jacob's fans
He made the statement a couple of weeks ago, "Mom, I know all the people that love me will be at my first game." We did explain that he had a lot of people that loved him but they might not ALL be there at the first game! He was thrilled with his fan club!

I told Jacob this morning that we will always remember this first game. It is hard to believe that this is just the beginning of MANY games of all kinds!

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Betty Lou said...

"The first of many" is so right, April. Allen's first was t-ball at Briarlake as a kindergartener, then soccer, basketball and t-ball again as a 1st grader. Almost 12 years later, it brought me joy, to see him, me in the choir, arrive (late) for the early service today. I love you sharing your moments, it helps remind me of my memories.