Sunday, May 31, 2009

The questions I get....

Just an example of some of the questions I get....

Light pre-dinner conversation:
I was boiling water to finish preparing dinner. Jacob asked, "If fire is so bad then why did God make it?"

I was listing off the things I needed to do when we got upstairs tonight. Jacob asked to not have to take a bath because he hurt his foot today. I told him I would bathe Logan & give him a "bird bath" (just a quick wash off). I may have mentioned something else I needed to do upstairs. He said, "Mom how are you going to do all that?" Because I answer so MANY questions a day some that don't have a good answer, I said, "I am just amazing! I will get it all done. Don't worry."
He said, "Mom, you tell me all the time you just have 2 hands!"
At least I know he is listening:)

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