Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hats off to Daddy

We are so proud of Inman! This morning he took his oral exam, a pass/fail requirement of the PhD program. I knew I would hear his voice early afternoon or so telling me that it all went well. When I answered & heard his voice, I knew that was the case. He definitely sounded like a weight was off of his shoulders (at least that portion of the weight!:)

Inman works so hard balancing his responsibilities as a husband & daddy, full time ministry & working towards his PhD. Hurricane Katrina definitely complicated his PhD pursuit but he has "kept on swimming" (any other preschool parents out there? Finding Nemo? anyone?)
We are very proud of him & will be by his side for the rest of the way!

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Anonymous said...

congratulations, Inman!
and the, growing so much!
love you guys!