Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pillow Talk

Before Jacob went to bed tonight I gave him some tylenol for a little fever & to hopefully help him sleep even though his head is full of congestion. He told me that it wasn't working yet (about 45 seconds later) & I told him it would kick in soon. Somehow the conversation changed to maybe being a doctor when he grew up & he could study all about medicine. We went thru several other possible occupations when he went back & said that he had decided & doctor it would be. He said, "But mom when I grow up & be a doctor I won't live at this house anymore." I acted surprised, "No? where will you live?"
J: "Momma, I will have to live at the doctors office or hospital" (very cute how he pronounces hospital:)

We continued our conversation. He told me about the checkups he would give, how I could come for a check up if my throat was hurting etc. After a couple of minutes he said, "Well, Mom I could come live at your house on Sundays."
It was my time to give the reality check. I said, "Well that would be fine honey but you may have a wife & little boys & girls of your own & you will live with them."
"But Mom we could ALL live here with you."
Just a little pillow talk that I didn't want to forget before I "jotted" it down!

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The O'Dells said...

SO sweet! I love bed time routines! Hope all of you are doing well!