Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Visit with the Platts

On the way to Atl, we stopped to see the Platts and meet Joshua. Caleb introduces Jacob to his brother.
Jacob, in all his experience, tells Caleb, "be very gentle!" and pulls Caleb's hand back.

We really enjoyed being with our friends even for just a little while!

Inman meets Joshua (after I finally shared him:)

This is what I had been waiting 2 weeks to do!

We are so excited for David & Heather and how the Lord has blessed them over the last year. Last year when we were together for Christmas, we knew there would most likely be a baby with them next year. The Lord had led them to international adoption and the process was well under way. Little did we know He had even bigger plans. Joshua David was born 9 months after they brought Caleb home. Not only did the Lord bless them abundantly but has a great sense of humor too. David & Heather, once again, thank you for sharing in this joyous time with us!

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