Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blue or Pink????

I have not stopped by here in a while! I will update on everything that has been going on with the Houstons soon but for now.....what is on our minds is blue or pink?
Tomorrow am we will find out if we need blue or pink in June. This is new for us. With Jacob we decided to wait until the baby's b-day to find out. I knew the minute the stick turned into a + sign, just knew in my gut, mother instinct that Jacob was a boy. Doubted myself a couple of times but just knew. This time? Inman swears the baby is a girl. He also told me I was pregnant days before the test came back. If he is right on this one, we will crown him a true prophet. Me? I have had some girl feelings but maybe that is because Inman seems so sure. We will see soon!
All I really want is healthy! I know everyone says that but after losing one, it really REALLY is all you want! I will be thrilled with either one.
Jacob's jury is still out. We have talked very generally about one day having a baby at our house. A boy is a brother, a girl is a sister. He has said he wants a sister or a brother depending on what his friends have. Tonight we decided to tell him there is a baby in Momma's tummy and tomorrow we would go look at it with a microphone.(He calls the doppler the dr's microphone) Not sure if he took all of that in but he was asking for his next piece of bread and what treat he would have after dinner:)

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Lenee said...

. . . . isn't a "treat after dinner" - how this all got started!


Just kidding - but putting my coins on a baby girl!