Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Logan and baby news!

It is hard to believe that Logan is 2!
I am hoping that when we wakes up in a few minutes he will be fever free. Yesterday he was fighting a little something so we hope today he is feeling better.
We have been asking him "who is about to turn two?" And he says, "ME!"
He even practices blowing out candles with his wooden Melissa & Doug cake puzzle.

These pictures capture his personality. He is a busy boy and loves to explore.
He is very curious and has to watched every minute because he can find trouble in a heartbeat!

He is talking more and more all the time but will hardly talk around others when away from home.
He wants to run wherever he goes rather than walk.
He is getting to be a pickier eater every day but definitely has a few favorites.
He loves his brother and wants to do whatever Jacob is doing. (see pic above, he is wearing a football helmet to be like brother:)
He loves his crocs and wants to put them on right when he wakes up, even with his PJs!
We love our sweet little man!

As far as baby news, if you are reading this and missed our announcement.....we are expecting baby #3. Yesterday I heard that sweet little heart beat. We will be able to find out in about 3 weeks if we will add to our boys or have a little girl. We are excited and thankful for this little surprise:)
Now, I have some celebrating to do with a 2 year old but will do a spring catch up soon!


Heather O'Dell said...

Congratulations!!!! So excited for you!

Lenee said...

Give that little man a hug from me. He's quite the looker - watch out world! hugs to all.

Jessica said...

Congratulations!!! :)

Tina said...

Congratulations on #3! How exciting and Happy Birthday, Logan!