Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter catch up

We had a great Easter season.
Jacob's class had an Easter egg hunt at his friend's Ella's house. Most of this class has been together for at least 2 years, some since the beginning of preschool so for 3 years. We had the egg hunt at this wonderful family's home last year too.

Even though it was for Jacob's class, Logan had a great time & was quite the character.
He had a blast playing with the big kids!

This is Logan checking out one of Jacob's best friend's hair. He realizes it may be a little different than his & just can't help himself:)

Peeking at a couple of the dads hide the eggs
(great yard!)

Craft Time

Let's go!!!!

Jacob in a borrowed shirt after an incident...little boys, accumulated rain water, need I say more?

Jacob's class

Now onto dying the eggs at home. Jacob loves this!
Inman tolerates it because I tell him that the kids will look back on this as a great memory.
Logan cried most of the time.

One of the few brief minutes that Logan wasn't crying

Off to the next egg hunt.....

Our church Lawrenceville FBC sponsored the egg hunt and it was held in downtown Lawrenceville on the square. It was a lot of fun with a great turn out!

Easter morning

Hopes of a precious picture were quickly dashed, Logan wasn't feeling it!

One quick pose

Jacob sang with the children's choir in church. Look at that face! Not sure if he gets nervous but he keeps the most serious face!

We had a wonderful season and had a lot of fun but hope to keep the focus on how thankful we are that we serve a RISEN Savior!

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