Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas fun

A couple of days ago, we made Jacob's ginger bread train. He picked the train over the house. You can tell by the picture that he did most of the decorating himself.

I went back and forth thinking, "what a great little tradition we are starting here," & "what in the world was I thinking that a 2 1/2 year old could do this!" He was most interested in tasting the icing and sampling the candy.

Friday night we went to the mall to see Santa. Jacob enjoyed talking to Santa, a far cry from last year when he screamed and I refused to pay $25 for a picture of him crying. He told Santa he wanted some gum (which he has never even had!) If we had only none the bar was so low before we did our shopping!

At 7:00 every evening, it snows around Santa's village and the train. This is Jacob seeing the snow for the first time. He thought that was really neat and got a kick out of Santa dancing to "let it snow."

Saturday morning we tried again to get a Christmas card pictures. We have tried a couple of times already. Being still was one problem and we have learned the "fake smile" too, making the picture taking even more fun!

Who's big boy is that anyway?


Joy said...

These pictures are so cute!!

Scott said...

I see that Inman and Jacob were also loitering around the Victoria's Secret store. He's a little young for that, isn't he? =)